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Thank You Madison! After 60 Years, We Have Sold Octopus Car Wash to Mr. Car Wash.

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Welcome To Octopus Car Wash

Winter in Wisconsin means snow, sleet, slush and salt. They do everything in their power to penetrate your cars finish, and cost consumers $24 billion annually in corrosion damage.

While winter ends eventually and the signs of spring and summer begin to peak through the clouds, you're not out of the Northwoods yet! Insects will give their lives to penetrate your cars finish. Some will try to obstruct your view; others resemble splattered paintballs complete with body parts dangling in the wind.

Octopus Full Service Car Wash uses brushless car wash technology and provides car detailing to help you protect your investment. Let Octopus Car Wash make your dirty car a clean car at any of our convenient Madison locations: Park Street, University Avenue and East Washington Avenue.

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